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Missouri man dies in work accident

In certain job fields, workers are exposed to dangerous environments. The workers can be at risk for injury, and in some cases, death. This case is no exception and a Missouri man lost his life after being involved in a work accident.

According to reports, the incident happened at the Helena Chemical Company on Thursday morning. Upon an initial investigation into the matter, it is believed that a piece of machinery fell on top of the worker. When authorities and medical personnel arrived at the scene, the man was discovered to have an unloading belt on top of him.

It is not known how the man was discovered or how the incident took place. The worker was declared dead at the scene. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed on the man’s body and will determine the cause of death. The status of the investigation has not been reported.

A work accident is a horrific encounter for employees to experience, and it is even more horrific for family members who learn that their loved one was killed while on the job. It is the duty of Missouri employers and any other employers to ensure a safe work environment. Failure to do so can result in more tragedies, such as this one, occurring in the future. Families of those who have lost their lives in work-related accidents may have the right to file claims on the deceased’s behalf to help recoup damages. Workers who were injured on the job may have similar rights under the law.

Source: kmaland.com, Grant City Missouri man killed in work related accident, Tim Wayne, Feb. 21, 2014