On Your Side After An Injury

Steel pipes land on worker, causing injuries to ribs, arm, eye

Carrying and loading heavy objects for a living can cause repetitive stress injuries to Kansas City residents over time. This kind of work can also cause sudden injury in an accident, such as what happened recently to a man in another state.

The man works for DuraBond, a company that manufactures steel pipes and related products. He was at work the morning of Jan. 13, when an accident caused injuries to his arm, eye and rib cage.

Right now, few details of this workplace accident are well understood. According to his brother, the man was loading pipes when one of them somehow came loose as he turned away. Three pipes fell onto the worker, 27.

He lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, where he was found to have three broken ribs and injuries to one arm and his left eye. He was listed in good condition. His brother said that the man was in a lot of pain, but is expected to recover.

Just how the pipes collapsed is not yet known. An EMT who drove the worker to the hospital said that he had heard conflicting descriptions of the accident.

It is good to hear that this man’s injuries were not worse, and that a full recovery is expected. However, it could be weeks or months before he is able to return to work at DuraBond. Many men and women who are hurt at work are able to take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits, until they are well enough to go back to the job.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Accident hospitalizes worker in Duquesne,” Jennifer R. Vertullo, Jan. 14, 2014