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Can workplace safety issues lead to confined space injuries?

Any spaces that do not allow easy access or exit for workers are considered confined spaces. In some cases, confined spaces also limit movement of those who have to work inside. Spaces that have been inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and identified as dangerous confined spaces require the employer to obtain a permit before allowing access. Such dangerous working areas are present on many Missouri work sites and require compliance with workplace safety regulations in order to prevent severe injuries or fatalities.

Missouri construction employers issued 11 citations

Safety violations can lead to work-related injuries. This is particularly true for employees who work in the construction field since they are already predisposed to dangers. A Missouri construction company was issued over $100,000 in work-related citations and fines from OSHA.

Missouri workplace safety stand-down

In 2012, approximately 300 employees in the construction industry died from falls. In fact, falls at the workplace are the primary cause of fatalities among industrial workers. The Obama administration announced that at least a million employees and over 20,000 companies in Missouri and throughout the United States will be taking part in workplace safety stand-downs.

Missouri workers often sustain injuries at state hospitals

Most of the time, employees who work in the construction or industrial field are at risk to injuries. However, hospital staff members are also exposed to injuries, particularly from patients. Employees at Missouri state hospitals have been injured by patients while on the job.

Missouri employees suffer from work injuries at facility

Working at a mental health facility can bring about dangers to employees. Due to the mental state of patients, Missouri mental health professionals may be subjected to injuries at the workplace at the hands of patients. Injured employees from one particular facility have received over $300,000 in payments.

OSHA: rail car refurbishment co. violated work safety rules again

A Kansas City, Kansas, business previously cited by federal workplace safety inspectors is apparently at it again. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that Rail Car Services LLC has committed 11 safety violations, including eight repeat breaches of the rules.

Amputated finger leads to OSHA citations for Missouri company

In certain occupations, hazards are everywhere, which greatly increase the likelihood that a workplace injury will occur. Workplace safety should be a top concern for all employers. Failure to provide and maintain a safe working environment for all employees not only results in unnecessary risks for workers but also affects a company's bottom line.

OSHA assesses fines in deadly KC restaurant explosion

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration located in Kansas City has announced that it is seeking fines against two companies in connection with the deadly explosion earlier this year of restaurant close to the Country Club Plaza, a busy outdoor shopping facility in Kansas City, Missouri. The explosion left one restaurant employee dead and several other people with injuries.

Too many employers retaliate against workers for bringing claims

The Kansas City Business Journal noted that reported injuries had declined over the last 10 years. However, there were concerns that this may not be entirely due to a decline in workplace accidents. Instead, it is possible that employees simply were not reporting these accidents out of fear of retaliation by their employers.

Worker severely burned from electrical line contact in Missouri

A worker in Kansas City, Missouri was badly injured in a work-related accident back on July 3rd. The worker apparently made contact with an energized wire resulting in him suffering severe burns. The worker was listed as being in critical condition as a result of the accident.

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