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Federal safety regulations: Protection against fire hazards

Workplace hazards are present in just about every workplace in Missouri. Employers are responsible for protecting their workers against all potential hazards. Federal safety regulations require company owners to provide personal protective equipment appropriate for each situation. Many lives have been lost in accidental fires that caught unprotected workers by surprise.

Grain handler cited for disregarding health and safety of workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has prescribed safety standards for all industries. This is to protect the health and safety of workers in Missouri and elsewhere. One industry that is known to be extremely hazardous is grain handling, and OSHA inspectors recently revealed their findings in an investigation into workers' safety at a Cape Girardeau grain handler.

Enforcement program launched to prevent musculoskeletal injuries

Missouri is one of three states in which federal health authorities are concerned about the high numbers of workers developing musculoskeletal disorders due to the prevalence of ergonomic stressors among workers in industries such as poultry processors. Data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that 7.5 percent of workers in this industry are victims of recordable illnesses or injuries. An emphasis program was launched to assist owners of poultry processing plants in reducing the number of injuries suffered by workers.

Workplace safety: Gun violence threats must be addressed

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, business owners in Missouri must provide employees with safe workplace environments that are free from known hazards that might cause serious harm or death to employees. Although there are no specific regulations related to the threats of workplace violence, authorities say business owners may start by instituting a zero-violence policy. However, workplace safety can also be threatened by non-employees.

OSHA cites manufacturer for disregarding workplace safety

While every manufacturing facility has unique safety hazards, some dangers are present on most industrial work sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations that must be followed to ensure workplace safety. Unfortunately, workers in Missouri and other states are often the victims of noncompliant company owners.

On-the-job injuries prevalent in health care industry

Health care workers nationwide, including here in Missouri, have an ethical duty to care for patients and protect them from harm. In many cases, they disregard their own health and safety while caring for patients. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that, although the manufacturing and construction industries are known for being hazardous workplaces, the prevalence of workplace injuries in the health care industry causes more days off work than injuries in those other  environments.

Workplace safety is vital in the warehousing industry

While much attention is paid to the health and safety of workers in the industrial and construction industries, the protection of workers in distribution centers and warehouses must not be disregarded. It was reported that certain activities, such as manual lifting, handling and storage of materials, and operating forklifts, and certain areas, including conveyors and docks, are typically neglected in warehouses. Many Missouri families have had to cope with the consequences of accidents that resulted from inadequate workplace safety programs.

Work accident: Harvest time poses confined space hazards on farms

Harvest season in Missouri is approaching rapidly, and with it comes many safety hazards for farm workers. A fatal work accident can rock a farming community, and some of the most ignored hazards on farms are confined spaces. There are no federal safety regulations related to confined space safety management on farms. Although the dangers are similar to those in other industries, the issue is often disregarded by farm owners.

Medical workers in Missouri are protected against work injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the numbers of work-related illnesses and injuries suffered by hospital workers are almost double the national average. Almost 50 percent of the 58,000 injuries suffered by hospital workers in 2013 resulted from overexertion. Missouri nurses and nursing assistants may, however, find comfort in knowing that Missouri state laws regulate hospital worker safety. The regulations require safety initiatives to be adopted by medical facilities, including the installation of lifting equipment and proper training in the use of the equipment.

Will National Emphasis Program prevent amputation injuries?

Workers in the manufacturing industry nationwide, including in Missouri, may find comfort in learning that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched a National Emphasis Program on Amputations to replace the program that has been followed since 2006. Information obtained from records of previous violators and amputation injuries over the past 40 years will be analyzed to target dangerous work sites. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2,000 employees in the manufacturing industry suffered amputation injuries in 2013.

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