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Workplace injuries often caused by common oversights

While Missouri business owners are responsible for the safety and health of their employees in the workplace, workers often have to look out for themselves. Many workplace injuries can be prevented by avoiding the most common oversights. By analyzing every on-the-job accident, similar injuries may not occur in the future. Most accident evaluations will likely point to one of the following errors.

Workplace safety can reduce employee stress and injuries

Workers in industrial facilities in Missouri will always face multiple safety hazards. However, several factors are known to be dangerous, and addressing those issues may improve workplace safety. Workers who avoid asking for help when lifting heavy objects may suffer strains, sprains or tears of muscles, and employers who do not provide employees with adequate breaks can cause fatigue that might lead to serious on-the-job accidents with devastating consequences for both boss and worker.

Workplace safety: OSHA warns workers about grain crusting

The majority of deaths that occur in grain storage bins are caused by suffocation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says grain hazards in Missouri and elsewhere are similar to those posed by quicksand, and when grain overcomes a worker, he or she can suffer a sudden death. Compliance with prescribed workplace safety regulations can save lives.

Workplace safety: OSHA says surprise startups kill 120 every year

Employers in Missouri and other states are responsible for the health and safety of employees. Every year, thousands of workers suffer injuries, and over 120 lose their lives from injuries when equipment activates unexpectedly in environments where workplace safety is disregarded. Proper control of hazardous energy can prevent these injuries and deaths.

OSHA needed federal court order to do factory investigation

All business owners nationwide are legally bound to provide safe workplace environments. They must also provide the Occupational Safety and Health Administration access to these workplaces to carry out inspections. However, the safety agency had to resort to getting a federal court order to get access to a sheet metal manufacturer in El Dorado Springs, Missouri, and OSHA released the investigation results recently.

Transport company agrees to improve workplace safety

Forklifts pose life-threatening hazards to workers in different industries nationwide, including in Missouri. A cargo and freight business with outlets in 26 states has to pay more than $165,000 in penalties for safety hazards related to forklifts. The company has apparently reached a settlement agreement to improve workplace safety at more than 100 of its sites.

OSHA reminds grain handlers of potential workers' injuries

The number of workplace accidents that occur at grain-handling facilities in Missouri is a matter of concern for authorities, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. A spokesperson for the agency refers to these fatalities as incidents and not accidents. He says grain-bin deaths or injuries can be prevented, and because an accident is something that is unavoidable, these instances do not qualify as accidents.

General Dollar cited for violations of federal safety regulations

All employees in Missouri, even those working in retail stores, have the right to safe workplace environments. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations specifically for the protection of workers in retail environments. Violations of federal safety regulations can lead to substantial penalties for the business owner.

Workplace safety: Can zero injury goals be met?

Too many workers nationwide, including in Missouri, suffer the consequences of workplace accidents. How can this be stopped? Many companies include a zero-injury program in their mission statements, but is that goal even obtainable? Sooner or later somebody will suffer an injury, whether through a lack of training, ignorance, complacency or an unsafe work environment. However, while zero injuries may be unachievable, compliance with federal safety regulations will improve workplace safety.

OSHA cites auto parts maker for disregarding workplace safety

Employees working in industrial facilities typically face many safety hazards, regardless of what is manufactured at the plant. In its quest to prevent workers' injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations for every known hazard. When workers feel threatened by their employer's disregard of workplace safety, they are entitled to report the issue and request an inspection of the facilities.

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