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Little-known danger poses threat to workplace safety for many

In Feb. 2016, a manufacturing plant employee worked on a lathe as part of his normal duties. Unbeknown to him, the events that followed would change his life forever. He encountered a danger that lurks in many manufacturing plants throughout the nation -- including here in Missouri -- and poses a serious threat to workplace safety for countless employees.

OSHA conducting investigation after fatal accident at company

Any time one works around heavy machinery, there is a danger of suffering a serious work accident, even though most companies have safeguards in place to protect employees. When an accident does occur, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is likely to conduct an investigation to determine what went wrong. In Missouri and elsewhere, workers are still injured on the job through no fault of their own.

Workplace safety inspection leads to heavy fines for violations

Those who are employed in the industrial field face many hazards due to the nature of the job. However, the majority of employers exercise due diligence in an effort to ensure workplace safety. Unfortunately, there are some work environments that pose a greater danger to the well-being of employees. There are likely many Missouri employees who have suffered a work-related illness or injury through no fault of their own.

Workplace safety: Professionals attend trench safety course

Following up on our blog post about a fatal December trench collapse from Jan.4 ("OSHA says most trench collapse fatalities preventable"), utility crews, first responders and contractors flocked to attend a safety training course in Missouri on a recent Thursday. Approximately 100 professionals who have had enough of senseless deaths in trench collapses attended this workplace safety course to address the issue. A 30-year-old single parent of an 8-year-old boy died when an unprotected trench collapsed on him in December.

Workplace safety around electricity is vital

Employers in Missouri that have employees who work outdoors must provide proper safety training to make sure they are aware of the hazards posed by electricity. Workplace safety protocols are not only required indoors. Whether the workers are clearing up after storms, repairing a roof or digging a trench, electricity can cause fatal injuries.

Worker injury can happen in any industry in Missouri

Going to work every day is a necessary task for most people in Missouri and elsewhere. For some, that task is one that is relatively safe from physical injury, but for others who are in jobs that require them to put themselves at risk, just going to work can be a danger. Sometimes a worker injury occurs. That was the case in one industry that our readers may find interesting.

3 preventable workplace injuries identified

Statistics show that about 200,000 workers nationwide, including in Missouri, stayed away from work for more than three days after being injured on the job. These numbers are based on 2015/2016 records and exclude fatal injuries. Safety authorities are focusing on the three most frequently cited injury types to create safer workplaces that might lower the current estimate of 4.5 million working days lost due to injuries.

Workplace safety: 2 workers fell 3 stories from hydraulic lift

During a week when the Occupational  Safety and Health Administration was emphasizing the importance of fall prevention through its National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction program, a fatal workplace accident that defied all safety regulations claimed the life of one worker and caused life-threatening injuries to another. This tragedy appears to be an example of how not to deal with workplace safety. OSHA set aside the second week of May to focus on safety policies and methods to prevent falls and educate employers and employees nationwide, including in Missouri.

Health and safety of Missouri flood workers at risk

Disaster site workers nationwide are typically exposed to many safety hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently urged Missouri workers who are cleaning up in the aftermath of floods to comply with regulations to protect their health and safety. The risks are multiple, and the agency asked the public to stay away from floodwater and prevent their children from playing there -- despite the temptation that it might hold for kids.

First aid training form part of workplace safety

Employees in Missouri may not realize that their employers must select and train certain workers to provide first aid in the event of a workplace accident. That is part of the workplace safety requirements by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Along with discussing health and safety hazards with company owners, the trained first aid personnel must provide emergency care when necessary.

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