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OSHA finds federal agency in violation of safety regulations

Many workers seek coveted employment with government offices -- whether local or federal -- in order to obtain benefits and job security. However, regardless of the workplace, all employers are required to follow the safety and health regulations that fall under the purview of OSHA. Missouri workers who believe that an injury or illness was caused by unsafe working conditions are entitled to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

Employees may have options over concerns for workplace safety

There are federal regulations to ensure that workers are provided with a safe working environment. While the majority of companies take measures to comply with those regulations, there are some employees who may face needless hazards on the job. Provided certain conditions exist, Missouri workers may have the right to refuse to work if they have serious concerns over workplace safety.

Women face more risks to health and safety when working on farms

The majority of literature and outreach programs to protect agricultural workers is geared toward men. However, it is estimated that approximately 31 percent of agricultural workers are women. Due to Missouri's heavy farming industry, residents may benefit from learning more about protecting the health and safety of these workers, especially female employees.

Some fear DOE regulation change could lessen workplace safety

The Department of Energy has moved to reclassify several nuclear facilities as being low-level operations that purportedly do not pose a hazard to the general public. It is also seeking to restrict members of a federal oversight board from questioning staff at certain facilities without prior consent of DOE officials. It proposes limiting the board's access to sensitive documentation while seeking to incorporate more legal protections. There are serious concerns that such changes could negatively impact workplace safety at nuclear facilities across the country, including the Callaway Nuclear Generating Station in Portland, Missouri.

Owner of slaughterhouse fined over workplace safety violations

This country is described as the land of opportunity for immigrants searching for a better way of life. In the majority of cases, families have worked to make those dreams a reality and have improved the economy of many Missouri cities and towns where they settled. Unfortunately, there have been accounts of employers ignoring workplace safety regulations in order to cut operating costs -- which endangers the lives of those whom they employ.

Battle looming over proposed rule concerning OSHA reporting

There are rules in place regarding how employers are required to file paperwork concerning workplace accidents. A few years ago, under the last administration, a new rule was instituted that revised how much information employers were required to report to OSHA concerning injuries on-the-job. Currently, anytime a Missouri resident is injured or suffers an illness related to his or her employment, the details surrounding the incident must be reported if the company employs more than 250 workers. 

OSHA being asked to develop heat-stress prevention regulations

Workers in the agricultural field are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions. As a result, there have been more than 780 heat-related deaths over the past 24 years. In an effort to prevent more unnecessary deaths, dozens of worker advocacy groups are petitioning OSHA to develop a nationwide heat-stress prevention regulation that could benefit all farm workers, including those here in Missouri.

Meat processing plant cited over health and safety violations

Working in an industrial plant requires in-depth training and regular oversight. When a company fails to provide thorough training or is negligent in ensuring that potential hazards are addressed, then it can face both citations and fines for exposing workers to possible health and safety violations. Unfortunately, some Missouri companies have failed to ensure worker safety, resulting in disastrous consequences. 

Man injured in work accident after suffering chemical burns

Working around industrial chemicals poses a serious risk of burns and inhalation injuries. Workers who are responsible for transferring or handling these types of materials require thorough training as well as protective gear. In spite of these precautions, there remains a risk of serious injuries in a work accident when unforeseen events occur. There are many Missouri workers who have suffered incapacitating injuries on the job.

Company cited for serious violations; fined after OSHA review

Those who work around chemicals as part of their profession require careful training in proper use and disposal of such materials. In the event that there is a serious mishap, the consequences can prove to be dangerous for Missouri employees and other individuals. When an accident occurs at a workplace, OSHA will likely conduct a thorough review of the causes.

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