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Lost fingertip in workplace accident leads to $80,500 penalties

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that machine hazards are the most frequent subject of citations. Over 200,000 employees across the country, include many in Missouri, suffer workers' injuries caused by dangerous machinery every year. OSHA says machines with inadequate safety mechanisms are regularly identified when a workplace accident is investigated.

Workers' compensation claim may follow amusement park injury

The daily duties of employees of amusement parks in Missouri can present many dangers. Unanticipated workplace accidents can result from equipment malfunctions and other dangerous situations. The owners of an amusement park have to rely on the competence of their workers. A workforce that is aware of potential hazards and equipped with proper safety training may save a company owner large amounts of money on workers' compensation claims that commonly follow work injuries.

Forklift operators suffer severe burns in workplace accident

Forklift operators face many dangerous situations on a daily basis. Employers are expected to ensure that workers are aware of potential hazards and emergency procedures in the event of a workplace accident. Workers are often instructed to operate these dangerous industrial machines in confined spaces where deadly gases and fumes can become trapped. Not only do such surroundings pose suffocation hazards, but gas vapors can ignite, leading to severe burn injuries. Four workers were the victims of such a workplace accident that occurred in August of last year in Missouri.

Communication tower upgrades lead to more fatal fall accidents

Regardless of the size of a company, or the industry under which it is categorized, all Missouri workers are susceptible to the emotional, mental and financial ramifications of a workplace accident. As a result of the advancing technology in mobile equipment, more upgrades are required for communication towers, and this seems to be the cause of an increased number of fall accidents concerning communication tower workers. The 13 fatalities that occurred in that industry during 2013 exceeds the total number of deaths of communication tower workers in 2011 and 2012 combined. Though final figures for 2014 weren't available, 11 deaths had apparently been reported up until the time the news article was prepared.

How can a workers' compensation attorney help me?

While most workers are covered by workers' compensation insurance, not all benefit claims are successful. The circumstances of each workplace injury is unique, and claims may be denied by the workers' compensation insurance fund for various reasons. However, Missouri workers may find comfort knowing that they may retain the services of an attorney to represent them in pursuing these important insurance claims.

No fault needs to be proven in workers' compensation claims

Some Missouri workers may be concerned about the fact that they may not file a claim against their employer after suffering a workplace injury. Workers are provided with workers' compensation insurance and in return they are prohibited from filing claims against their employers -- except in particular circumstances. However, they will not have to prove negligence on the part of their employers or any co-workers. Even if a worker was partly responsible for his or her own injury, a claim for workers' compensation benefits may be filed.

Man dies in workplace accident when fireworks storage explodes

Residents of Missouri may be interested in an industrial accident in a neighboring state that resulted in the death of a worker. Consumers are constantly warned about the dangers posed by fireworks, but the devastation caused when a storage unit packed with fireworks explodes is hard to imagine. Police and firefighters recently responded to a workplace accident at the site of a fireworks company where an explosion occurred.

Missouri offers employees protection in workers' compensation

In some work places, employees are subject to injuries on the job. Some workers who are involved in a workplace accident sustain permanent injuries as a result of these events. When workers are injured on the job, they are generally entitled to receive workers' compensation, but some Missouri employers may have terminated workers out of retaliation. Now, if injured workers are terminated out of retaliation for workers' compensation claims, they only need to meet a certain burden of proof.

Worker sustains workplace injury in farming accident

Especially with harvest time approaching, larger Missouri farming operations may be hiring special workers to help gather in this year's crops. Hopefully, this year's harvest time will be a safe and prosperous one for both the farmers themselves and their workers. However, a recent case from another state also makes for a good opportunity to remind both farm employees and their employers about the risks of farm work and their respective responsibilities to maintain a safe working environment.

Nurses suffer extremely high rate of workplace injuries

We are probably not surprised to discover that a large number of workplace accidents involve manufacturing and construction employees. However, per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics back in 2010, the industry with the largest number of non-fatal workplace injuries is in the health care field.

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