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How can workplace injuries in the retail industry be prevented?

Although the hazards may vary, on-the-job injuries occur in any industry in Missouri. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations for every type of industry, and an employers' failure to abide by those safety rules may lead to workplace injuries. In addition, OSHA may issue hefty fines for safety violations.

Missouri construction employers issued 11 citations

Safety violations can lead to work-related injuries. This is particularly true for employees who work in the construction field since they are already predisposed to dangers. A Missouri construction company was issued over $100,000 in work-related citations and fines from OSHA.

Amputated finger leads to OSHA citations for Missouri company

In certain occupations, hazards are everywhere, which greatly increase the likelihood that a workplace injury will occur. Workplace safety should be a top concern for all employers. Failure to provide and maintain a safe working environment for all employees not only results in unnecessary risks for workers but also affects a company's bottom line.

OSHA assesses fines in deadly KC restaurant explosion

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration located in Kansas City has announced that it is seeking fines against two companies in connection with the deadly explosion earlier this year of restaurant close to the Country Club Plaza, a busy outdoor shopping facility in Kansas City, Missouri. The explosion left one restaurant employee dead and several other people with injuries.

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