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Woman creates app that can protect against work-related illness

Farmhands face many hazardous conditions, including those that are caused by extreme weather conditions. One of the more serious work-related illness problems that they face is caused by excessively high temperatures. One woman's recent creation may prove to be beneficial to agricultural employees here in Missouri.

Lawmakers take action for some affected with work-related illness

Those who work in hazardous work environments face many dangers both from the job itself and from side effects of being exposed to dangerous substances. Sadly, in spite of the work these employees perform, they are often left struggling for assistance when they are afflicted with a work-related illness. There are likely many Missouri residents who have become ill from performing their assigned job duties in the manner instructed.

Committee looks for ways to reduce workplace illness and injury

In 1987, government agencies worked together to issue a report on work\-related illnesses and injuries. In a follow-up session, several of those same entities recently published a report on ways that the serious issue of workplace illness and injuries could be more effectively tracked and addressed in an effort to reduce the overall costs to both workers and the health care system. There are countless Missouri workers who could benefit from safer workplaces.

Statistics show reduced risk of work-related illness

For a vast majority of Missouri residents, a job helps provide them with the lifestyle they desire. As a result, one's occupation likely consumes considerable time and energy. Unfortunately, that same time commitment and energy investment can lead to a work-related illness or injury, especially if the work entails a high risk environment.

Mental Health Day addresses depression in the workplace

Earlier in the month of October, the World Health Organization celebrated World Mental Health Day by focusing on the problems that can be attributed to certain workplace environments. The selected topics were depression and anxiety and how they can negatively impact the emotional well-being of workers as well as ways to resolve or alleviate these problems. Many workers in Missouri and across the country battle these issues on the job on a daily basis.

OSHA updates some rules for workplace injury and illness reports

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is charged with overseeing every aspect of worker safety -- including tracking illnesses caused by work environments. In order to improve its ability to monitor instances of a work-related accident or illness, OSHA recently implemented new guidelines for employers. These new rules were implemented to safeguard the rights of workers here in Missouri and across the country to report on-the-job injuries and illnesses.

Paint stripper could be cause of bath refinisher's fatal illness

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed the ban of two toxic chemicals in January. Methylene chloride and N-methylpyrrolidone are highly toxic ingredients present in paint strippers and products that are used to remove coatings such as those used on baths. The agency says these chemicals pose hazards that could cause occupational illness that might be lethal to employees nationwide, including in Missouri.

Pigeon droppings found to have caused work-related illness

An administrative law judge recently ruled that the widow of a deceased investigator that worked for a county prosecutor in Missouri is entitled to compensation after her husband's death. The man claimed workers' compensation for a work-related illness after developing a nodule in his lung that was removed and suspected to have been caused by exposure to pigeon droppings. He died five years later of a lung disease.

Hydrogen sulfide causes work-related illness at methane gas plant

Workers at plants where organic waste is turned into methane gas in Missouri and other states may be exposed to hazardous gases. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been investigating such a plant in a neighboring state since October after a worker landed in the hospital. This employee suffered exposure to hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that can cause a serious work-related illness.

Workplace illness: Heat exposure kills Missouri roof worker

Every summer, workers in a variety of industries in Missouri and other states suffer the consequences of working in extreme heat. Heat exposure can cause a workplace illness that can lead to death. A federal safety agency recently reported the outcome of an investigation into the August death of a roof worker.

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