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Crane accident at construction site claims worker's life

Construction workers in Missouri have to cope with the potential dangers of their occupations on a daily basis. The long list of dangers often includes large cranes. A crane accident can result in catastrophic injuries to workers, and these accidents are often due to disregarded safety procedures and inadequate staff training. Crane safety is regulated by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA).

Construction site accident traps 2 workers 30 feet underground

The dangers that construction workers in Missouri have to face every day are likely always on the minds of their loved ones. Considering the severity of injuries, and even fatalities often reported after construction accidents, the thought of one's loved one suffering life-changing injuries in a construction site accident will naturally create high levels of anxiety. Fortunately, the workers' compensation insurance fund aims to provide financial aid to injured workers and surviving families who lost loved ones in workplace accidents.

Falling truss injures men on scaffold in construction accident

Construction workers in Missouri who have suffered injuries in an on-the-job accident may have to face high medical bills and lost wages. In addition, there may be the uncertainty of not knowing whether they will be able to return to work because of debilitating injuries. However, most workers are covered by workers' compensation insurance that is intended to provide financial assistance to victims of a construction accident or any other workplace accident. Most work-related injuries are sudden accidents, and it is vital that victims receive immediate medical care.

2 Companies fined for injuries in separate construction accidents

The owners of construction companies in Missouri have an immense responsibility to ensuring the safety of their workers. Due to the many different potential hazards present on construction sites, every aspect must be covered in regular safety training, and workers should be informed of all potential dangerous situations. One of the hazards that could cause instant death or severe injuries is electricity, and an electrical accident often occurs when a worker accidentally touches a live electrical wire. Another type of construction accident that claims many victims is collapsing scaffolding.

Road construction accident claims life of worker collecting cones

Road safety authorities have urged motorists on many occasions to take extra care when they approach road construction zones. However, there are almost daily reports of accidents that occur where workers are busy improving the roads. Although most workers are likely aware of the dangers posed by their occupation, the negligence of road users can't be anticipated and often results in the loss of life in a fatal road construction accident.

Bridge construction accident claims lives of 2 workers

Missouri construction workers and their families are likely concerned about the potential dangers associated with their chosen occupation. Considering that statistics show that there were 4,628 work-related fatalities in the United States in 2012, their concern would be justified. Although employers are responsible for the welfare of their workers, the high number of incidents seems to indicate a disregard of the strict safety regulations that are prescribed by OSHA to prevent a construction accident.

Crane accident claims the life of 16-year-old worker in Missouri

When Missouri students find holiday employment with construction companies, they may not be fully informed about the potential dangers the job may pose. While regular workers may be aware of the required safety procedures, inexperienced student workers’ lives may be in jeopardy on construction sites. A 16-year-old student recently lost his life in a crane accident at a Highway 272 construction site.

Construction accident can permanently injure Missouri employees

Employees who work at construction sites can be in danger due to the number of risks associated with being on the job. One of the major risks that can occur on a Missouri job site is a construction accident. A 25-year-old man in another state was involved in a construction accident that caused significant and life-altering injuries.

Scaffolding collapse causes 2 serious construction accidents

Sadly, a story about a pair of construction workers falling at least 30 feet to the ground often involves a fatality. So it with relief that we can report both victims of a scary construction accident from outside of Missouri are expected to survive. However, their injuries were described as serious. Both could be out of work for a long time because of this workplace accident.

Construction worker shocked, burned by power line

A construction worker was taken to a Missouri hospital to recover after being shocked by a power line. The man was in serious condition after suffering cardiac arrest from the electric shock. An accident of this severity could lead to workers' compensation benefits becoming necessary.

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