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Construction worker dies after most recent incident at work site

Missouri workers willingly acknowledge that the construction field is rife with opportunities for injuries. As a result, the vast majority of companies take steps to minimize the likelihood of serious mishaps that can result in injuries or death. Unfortunately, there will still be events that occur on job sites that will leave a construction worker with serious or even fatal injuries.

Family questions circumstances of fatal construction accident

Construction workers face a myriad of hazards in the normal course of their day. Though most employers and workers take proactive measures to protect against a serious construction accident, these tragic events still occur and can result in employees suffering devastating injuries or worse. There are many Missouri residents who have experienced these circumstances and have sought financial assistance through the state's workers' compensation program.

Man critically injured at construction site accident

Construction workers face all manners of work environments and hazards in the normal course of their jobs. While the majority of incidents that can occur are minor in nature, there is always the danger of a serious construction site accident resulting in great physical harm. There are likely countless Missouri residents who have suffered a serious injury on the job through no fault of their own.

Construction worker victim of fatal fall while on the job

In spite of the change in seasons, there is no shortage of construction and improvements projects that need to be completed. Unfortunately, there is also the ever-present danger of a construction worker suffering a serious or even fatal accident. When these accidents occur, it is likely that Missouri officials will conduct a thorough review in order to prevent similar falls in the future.

Man killed in construction site accident

There are many careers that provide satisfaction for a job well done while also benefiting the greater community. Many who work in construction may achieve that level of satisfaction when a large project comes to fruition. Unfortunately, as many Missouri workers are aware, the job is not without its hazards as there is the ever-present danger of a construction site accident that can change the lives of victims and their families forever.

Man dies in crane accident on site of new medical offices

Most likely, the vast majority of Missouri residents get up to go to work never anticipating that their job could pose a serious danger to themselves. However, while many who are employed in the construction business may indeed contemplate the dangers they face, probably relatively few expect to experience a life-threatening injury. Unfortunately, a construction site accident -- including a crane accident -- can lead to serious or even fatal injuries.

Construction accident kills 1, injures another

One of the most satisfying rewards for many Missouri workers may be seeing a project coming to fruition. That may be especially true for those whose labor results in a new structure. Unfortunately, these same workers face many hazards that can result in a serious construction accident.

Tunnel worker injured in another construction accident at site

Throughout the warmer weather months, the sights and sounds of construction can be a sign of a thriving economy and healthy job market. However, this type of labor comes with its own inherent risks and dangers, which can result in a construction accident and a worker suffering a serious injury. There are likely many Missouri residents who have been injured on the job and need to rely on the workers' compensation program to stay afloat financially.

Man suffers injuries after construction site accident

Many of those who choose to work in the construction field have the satisfaction of seeing their labor come to fruition in the form of a completed building. However, there is also the risk of suffering serious injuries in the event of a construction site accident. Sadly, many Missouri workers have been a victim of a workplace accident through no fault of their own.

OSHA says fatal fall injuries are preventable

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, in the years 2003 through 2013, over 3,500 construction workers died in work-related accidents nationwide, including in Missouri. The agency further reported that just under 34 percent of the fatal workplace injuries involved falls from heights -- every one of which could have been prevented. OSHA requires that construction companies follow a three-step strategy to protect construction workers' health and safety.

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