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Working environment may play bigger role in lung disease cases

There have been many studies regarding occupational exposure and various cancers. However, many health care providers may not take into consideration a worker's occupation when arriving at a diagnosis of a  noncancerous lung disease. Missouri workers who are suffering from a respiratory illness may benefit from informing their doctor about their working environment.

Former Missouri weapons plant workers suffer work-related illness

During times of tension between nations, production of weapon stockpiles increases. In many communities, new production plants meant increased employment opportunities and an economic boom. Unfortunately, workers of one Missouri plant discovered that they faced a higher probability of suffering a work-related illness.

Workplace illness: Stress and long hours contribute to illnesses

In the quest to provide for their families, workers are often required to put in long days and face increasing stress. Accordingly, the incidents of workplace illness claims have continued to climb. Missouri employees often put in long hours in a workplace that is not conducive to good health.

Firefighter cancer rate often cited as 67 percent higher

Those who dedicate their lives to saving the lives and property of others often pay a high price. While firefighters are hailed as heroes in their local communities, there are hidden hazards they face that are not openly discussed. Sadly, work-related cancer has likely affected more than a few Missouri firefighters.

Many states cover work-related cancer in firefighters

Certain occupations come with a higher level of risk to one's health. Though firefighters face many hazards, the danger of occupational diseases may not be taken into consideration until one is diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer. There are some districts in Missouri that are beginning to apply the presumptive legislation laws recognizing that many firefighters' cancers are directly related to their occupation.

Teachers claim moldy classrooms causing work-related illness

Every so often, there will be media reports concerning the harm that mold spores can cause to one's health when they are present in a home or workplace. Unfortunately, the warnings are often ignored as being overblown or irrelevant when it comes to seeking the cause of a work-related illness. However, dangerous mold spores may be present in many Missouri workplaces without the employees realizing what could be causing their symptoms.

Government denies claims of occupational disease for some workers

Workers employed in high-risks fields are often aware that their health and safety could be in jeopardy. Regardless, many workers find that in order to provide for their families, they must often work in environments that pose a danger of contracting an occupational disease. Whenever a Missouri worker feels that his or her employment caused a serious or life-threatening illness, he or she is entitled to seek benefits from the workers' compensation program.

Some first responders struggling to fight cancer and get benefits

Those who provide emergency services to their communities make many sacrifices. Unfortunately, fire fighters may be sacrificing their health when they contract a cancer that may be directly related to their work. Missouri employees may be in for a challenging fight when they become ill and struggle to make ends meet.

Lung disease among illnesses that can affect certain farm workers

When one hears of vineyards, it is likely that certain states come to mind. However, Missouri is also home to several dozen vineyards, and, as a result, the injuries and illnesses that can affect these types of agricultural workers is an important consideration. While physical injuries are often the ones given the greatest consideration, illness is another hazard vineyard employees face, including the risk of a lung disease.

Employers can provide tools to aid workers with mental illness

Mental health is one of the fastest growing concerns in the workplace. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least openly addressed problems for workers who are struggling with some form of mental illness on the job. Missouri workers who have concerns about their mental well-being may benefit when an employer makes an effort to address this legitimate problem.

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