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Construction worker suffers serious internal injuries in accident

With the advent of spring, many states, including Missouri, are gearing up to begin repairs and new projects. Thousands of workers who were laid off have looked forward to a return to the job and the opportunity to provide income for their families. Unfortunately, it's also the time of year when an accident can result in a construction worker suffering serious, even debilitating, injuries.

19-year-old man died after forklift accident at building site

No matter one's age or experience, working in the construction business can be inherently dangerous. A building site employs the use of heavy machinery that can lead to potentially deadly incidents, including a fatal forklift accident. Missouri workers who have limited experience in this occupation may face an increased risk of suffering a serious injury.

Highway project stalled after death of construction worker

The building of the country's infrastructure takes a toll on public funding, time and the hard labor of employees. Unfortunately, some employees pay the highest price and either suffer serious or even fatal injuries on the job. There have been many Missouri families whose lives have been forever altered by a serious construction worker accident.

Man dies; 2 injured in construction site accident

When new building projects are undertaken, there are usually various companies and subcontractors involved. Each of these companies is expected to ensure that the safety of its workers are one of the top priorities. Sadly, there have been many Missouri workers who have either died or suffered serious injuries in a construction site accident.

Construction worker wins suit over injuries sustained on the job

Those who work in construction often find themselves laboring in a wide variety of environments. Regardless of the job site, however, there are certain safety protocols that must be adhered to in order to prevent serious injuries. Unfortunately, as many Missouri workers will attest, any construction worker faces the possibility of suffering an injury in an unforeseen incident.

Construction worker killed after apparent equipment failure

The construction industry is rife with the possibility of serious harm befalling workers. No matter the amount of experience one has, or the safety precautions that are in place, no one is immune to the danger of being seriously injured in an accident. Every Missouri construction worker likely takes this risk into consideration when heading to their job sites every day.

Construction worker killed; 1 injured when struck by truck

Those who work in the construction field are prepared for many hazards they may encounter on a job site. Unfortunately, not every possible danger can be foreseen in time to prevent a serious injury. Any Missouri construction worker who has suffered an injury through no fault of his or her own may have sought assistance from the state's workers' compensation program.

2 Men killed in scaffolding fall at construction site

Construction work is a rewarding, albeit, dangerous occupation. When the project involves considerable height, the use of support structures can lead to the risk of a scaffolding fall. Even though Missouri workers employed in this field take all safety precautions, there remains a possibility of suffering a serious -- or even fatal -- event.

Construction site accident leaves 1 worker injured; another dead

Those who work in the construction field are aware of the many dangers and are careful to take all available precautions to avoid serious injuries. Unfortunately, not every accident can be foreseen or prevented, and any worker could suffer from the consequences of a construction site accident. There have been many Missouri residents who have had their lives negatively impacted by serious injuries while on the job.

Woman dies from construction accident injuries

Even though many people may associate construction work as being performed mainly by men, there are countless women who also work in this field. Regardless of the type of construction, there is always the ever-present danger of a serious construction accident befalling any Missouri resident in spite of one's skills or experience. One recent accident resulted in the death of a female contractor.

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