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Worker suffers serious injuries in industrial accident

One of the most important industries is the manufacturing of parts and equipment for use in a wide variety of commercial applications. However, the nature of the job often entails the use of large machinery and hazardous conditions that could lead to a serious industrial accident. Missouri is home to several manufacturing plants, in which it is likely that workers have suffered significant injuries.

Former Missouri weapons plant workers suffer work-related illness

During times of tension between nations, production of weapon stockpiles increases. In many communities, new production plants meant increased employment opportunities and an economic boom. Unfortunately, workers of one Missouri plant discovered that they faced a higher probability of suffering a work-related illness.

OSHA investigating after woman injured in work accident

No matter one's occupation, almost every work site has the potential to become dangerous under the wrong conditions. When the job at hand requires one to be off the ground, then the possibility of suffering injuries due to a fall increases. Missouri workers who have been injured in a work accident may qualify for benefits from the Workers' Compensation Insurance Program.

Social Security disability might provide safety net for some

There is an old adage that refers to anything worth having, is worth working for in order to obtain the desired prize. However, in spite of the desire of the majority of Missouri employees to work until retirement age, there are circumstances that may make that goal unattainable. In the event that a worker finds him or herself with a serious condition that makes working impossible, Social Security Disability Insurance may provide a critical safety net.

Workplace illness: Stress and long hours contribute to illnesses

In the quest to provide for their families, workers are often required to put in long days and face increasing stress. Accordingly, the incidents of workplace illness claims have continued to climb. Missouri employees often put in long hours in a workplace that is not conducive to good health.

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