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Man suffers traumatic arm injury in industrial accident

In Missouri and elsewhere, the industrial field can pose serious risks of injuries for even experienced employees. Heavy machinery and a fast paced work environment can set the stage for a devastating injury under the wrong conditions. Recently, one man suffered a traumatic arm injury that may cripple his ability to work in the future.

On a recent Friday morning, a time when many workers are anticipating the end of long work week, emergency responders received a call concerning an injured employee at an industrial manufacturer. When police arrived, they discovered fellow employees attempting to apply lifesaving efforts to a severely injured man. It was determined that the 66-year-old man was operating machinery when, for reasons that are yet unclear, his arm was snagged by the gears and dragged into the machine.

The arm was severed at his elbow. A co-worker quickly wrapped the injured area in an article of clothing in an effort to slow the bleeding. Officers then applied another tourniquet until emergency medical technicians arrived. Medical personnel provided additional first aid measures before transporting the victim to a nearby hospital.

A hospital spokesperson stated that the man is expected to survive, though his traumatic arm injury was confirmed. He will understandably require an extended recovery time along with the physical and emotional adjustment to losing a portion of his arm and the life-changing effects the injury will have. Workers who have suffered a serious work-related injury or illness also struggle with the worries of how to provide for themselves and their families while they are unable to work. Missouri workers who find themselves in these difficult circumstances may seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can guide them through the claims process for benefits from the workers' compensation insurance program in addition to any other legal recourse to which they may be entitled.

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