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Man suffers traumatic arm injury in industrial accident

In Missouri and elsewhere, the industrial field can pose serious risks of injuries for even experienced employees. Heavy machinery and a fast paced work environment can set the stage for a devastating injury under the wrong conditions. Recently, one man suffered a traumatic arm injury that may cripple his ability to work in the future.

Calls for tougher federal safety regulations in banning chemicals

There are various federal agencies charged with protecting the well-being of consumers and workers. Several years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency was purportedly preparing to ban the sale of a potentially lethal chemical. Unfortunately, the EPA scaled back the reach of its ban, and critics claim that workers' lives are at risk without improved federal safety regulations. Missouri workers who are exposed to certain paint removers could be harmed without further regulatory actions.

Outside employee victim of fatal work accident

Those who work in industrial and manufacturing plants face many hazards on the job. Even highly skilled and experienced employees can suffer serious or even fatal injuries in a work accident. Missouri workers who are employed in these fields are aware to the potentially dangerous nature of their occupation and strive to take precautions to protect themselves and others.

19-year-old man died after forklift accident at building site

No matter one's age or experience, working in the construction business can be inherently dangerous. A building site employs the use of heavy machinery that can lead to potentially deadly incidents, including a fatal forklift accident. Missouri workers who have limited experience in this occupation may face an increased risk of suffering a serious injury.

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