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Man found dead after apparent industrial accident

No matter one's occupation, almost every workplace can contain hazards that can cause serious or even fatal injuries. In reality, there are some workplaces that pose a more serious risk of injuries to even the most experienced employees. Missouri workers who are employed in any type of manufacturing might face a higher probability of becoming a victim of an industrial accident.

Man dies; 2 injured in construction site accident

When new building projects are undertaken, there are usually various companies and subcontractors involved. Each of these companies is expected to ensure that the safety of its workers are one of the top priorities. Sadly, there have been many Missouri workers who have either died or suffered serious injuries in a construction site accident.

Workplace accidents can result in serious, or even fatal injuries

No matter one's occupation, most employees work diligently to ensure that they follow all safety protocols to ensure both their safety and that of their co-workers. Unfortunately, even the most seasoned employees can fall victim to serious workplace accidents that can result in debilitating injuries or even death. Though the majority of Missouri workers attempt to avoid unsafe working conditions, not every accident can be foreseen and prevented.

Federal Chemical Safety Board strives to improve workplace safety

Those who work in the industrial field are exposed to hazards that are rarely found in other workplaces. However, in spite of growing concerns that the federal Chemical Safety Board lacks funding to improve workplace safety, others are opposed to funding the board altogether. Missouri is home to several manufacturing plants that could pose a significant danger to both employees and the surrounding communities in the event of a serious accident.

Many states cover work-related cancer in firefighters

Certain occupations come with a higher level of risk to one's health. Though firefighters face many hazards, the danger of occupational diseases may not be taken into consideration until one is diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer. There are some districts in Missouri that are beginning to apply the presumptive legislation laws recognizing that many firefighters' cancers are directly related to their occupation.

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