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December 2018 Archives

Company fined for failing to protect workers from trench collapse

Those who supply contracting services for residential and commercial properties often face a variety of hazardous working conditions. Employers are expected to maintain a certain level of safety -- regardless of the project -- in order to ensure that workers are protected from harm, such as a potentially fatal trench collapse. Unfortunately, many Missouri workers have suffered serious work accidents when their employers failed to meet required standards.

Construction worker wins suit over injuries sustained on the job

Those who work in construction often find themselves laboring in a wide variety of environments. Regardless of the job site, however, there are certain safety protocols that must be adhered to in order to prevent serious injuries. Unfortunately, as many Missouri workers will attest, any construction worker faces the possibility of suffering an injury in an unforeseen incident.

Teachers claim moldy classrooms causing work-related illness

Every so often, there will be media reports concerning the harm that mold spores can cause to one's health when they are present in a home or workplace. Unfortunately, the warnings are often ignored as being overblown or irrelevant when it comes to seeking the cause of a work-related illness. However, dangerous mold spores may be present in many Missouri workplaces without the employees realizing what could be causing their symptoms.

OSHA prevented from protecting workers on small farms

A 1976 government bill was passed that effectively prevents the Occupational Safety and Health Administration from protecting the well-being of an estimated 1.2 million workers. Though nearly 93 percent of the farms in this country meet the definition of a small farming operation, this OSHA exemption has resulted in an estimated 330 deaths over a six-year span. It is possible that Missouri workers employed by a small farm could face dangerous conditions.

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