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November 2018 Archives

Cargill taking strides to reduce chances of workplace injury

One of the largest privately owned companies in the world has likely seen its share of injured workers due to its vast holdings around the country. However, it recently announced that it was taking strides to improve the safety of its employees, particularly those who work in its meat processing facilities. Missouri workers who do suffer from a workplace injury will often seek assistance from the state's workers' compensation program.

Workers injured; 1 missing after serious industrial accident

Working in an industrial environment requires close attention to details and set protocols in order to reduce the risks of an injury befalling the workers. Unfortunately, even the most conscientious employees can become victims of a serious industrial accident. These types of accidents can leave Missouri workers with life-changing injuries.

OSHA finds federal agency in violation of safety regulations

Many workers seek coveted employment with government offices -- whether local or federal -- in order to obtain benefits and job security. However, regardless of the workplace, all employers are required to follow the safety and health regulations that fall under the purview of OSHA. Missouri workers who believe that an injury or illness was caused by unsafe working conditions are entitled to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

Construction worker killed after apparent equipment failure

The construction industry is rife with the possibility of serious harm befalling workers. No matter the amount of experience one has, or the safety precautions that are in place, no one is immune to the danger of being seriously injured in an accident. Every Missouri construction worker likely takes this risk into consideration when heading to their job sites every day.

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