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Government denies claims of occupational disease for some workers

Workers employed in high-risks fields are often aware that their health and safety could be in jeopardy. Regardless, many workers find that in order to provide for their families, they must often work in environments that pose a danger of contracting an occupational disease. Whenever a Missouri worker feels that his or her employment caused a serious or life-threatening illness, he or she is entitled to seek benefits from the workers' compensation program.

Employees may have options over concerns for workplace safety

There are federal regulations to ensure that workers are provided with a safe working environment. While the majority of companies take measures to comply with those regulations, there are some employees who may face needless hazards on the job. Provided certain conditions exist, Missouri workers may have the right to refuse to work if they have serious concerns over workplace safety.

Tragic accident on the job kills inmate on work release

Having a trade or a profession that one excels at can often make the difference when one is working to make a positive change in life. Sadly, when one works in the construction field, the possibility of a serious accident on the job can have tragic consequences. There are many Missouri families who have been forever changed when these accidents have taken the life of a loved one.

Women face more risks to health and safety when working on farms

The majority of literature and outreach programs to protect agricultural workers is geared toward men. However, it is estimated that approximately 31 percent of agricultural workers are women. Due to Missouri's heavy farming industry, residents may benefit from learning more about protecting the health and safety of these workers, especially female employees.

Construction worker killed; 1 injured when struck by truck

Those who work in the construction field are prepared for many hazards they may encounter on a job site. Unfortunately, not every possible danger can be foreseen in time to prevent a serious injury. Any Missouri construction worker who has suffered an injury through no fault of his or her own may have sought assistance from the state's workers' compensation program.

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