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August 2018 Archives

Owner of slaughterhouse fined over workplace safety violations

This country is described as the land of opportunity for immigrants searching for a better way of life. In the majority of cases, families have worked to make those dreams a reality and have improved the economy of many Missouri cities and towns where they settled. Unfortunately, there have been accounts of employers ignoring workplace safety regulations in order to cut operating costs -- which endangers the lives of those whom they employ.

Some first responders struggling to fight cancer and get benefits

Those who provide emergency services to their communities make many sacrifices. Unfortunately, fire fighters may be sacrificing their health when they contract a cancer that may be directly related to their work. Missouri employees may be in for a challenging fight when they become ill and struggle to make ends meet.

Woman suffers amputation traumatic injury in industrial accident

Working in a factory can be a rewarding, albeit, dangerous occupation. The manufacturing of equipment often requires heavy machinery that demands close attention to detail as well as safeguards in order to prevent the risk of workers suffering serious injuries in an industrial accident. Unfortunately, even the most diligent Missouri employee can become a victim of a traumatic incident.

Battle looming over proposed rule concerning OSHA reporting

There are rules in place regarding how employers are required to file paperwork concerning workplace accidents. A few years ago, under the last administration, a new rule was instituted that revised how much information employers were required to report to OSHA concerning injuries on-the-job. Currently, anytime a Missouri resident is injured or suffers an illness related to his or her employment, the details surrounding the incident must be reported if the company employs more than 250 workers. 

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