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Fiber company issued citations after months-long investigation

In most situations, whenever an employee suffers a serious injury, officials with OSHA will be contacted as per government regulations. If an investigation points to errors on the part of an employer which lead to the incident, then the company will likely face citations and possible fines. Missouri workers who have been injured on the job do have recourse for seeking a remedy for their monetary losses.

OSHA being asked to develop heat-stress prevention regulations

Workers in the agricultural field are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions. As a result, there have been more than 780 heat-related deaths over the past 24 years. In an effort to prevent more unnecessary deaths, dozens of worker advocacy groups are petitioning OSHA to develop a nationwide heat-stress prevention regulation that could benefit all farm workers, including those here in Missouri.

Poultry workers in Missouri face higher risk of on-the-job injury

According to the General Accountability Office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, certain industries record a higher percentage of job-related injuries and illnesses. Statistics obtained over the past several years indicate that workers in the poultry processing industry face a higher risk of suffering an on-the-job injury, including those who are employed in Missouri plants. While the poultry industry has taken steps to reduce these risks, there are many factors that continue to play a role in the dangers posed to workers.

Construction site accident leaves 1 worker injured; another dead

Those who work in the construction field are aware of the many dangers and are careful to take all available precautions to avoid serious injuries. Unfortunately, not every accident can be foreseen or prevented, and any worker could suffer from the consequences of a construction site accident. There have been many Missouri residents who have had their lives negatively impacted by serious injuries while on the job.

Lung disease among illnesses that can affect certain farm workers

When one hears of vineyards, it is likely that certain states come to mind. However, Missouri is also home to several dozen vineyards, and, as a result, the injuries and illnesses that can affect these types of agricultural workers is an important consideration. While physical injuries are often the ones given the greatest consideration, illness is another hazard vineyard employees face, including the risk of a lung disease.

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