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Industrial accident claims life of employee

Those who work in the manufacturing industry often face hazardous conditions on the job that require them to take certain precautions. Unfortunately, not every industrial accident can be foreseen and prevented. There are many Missouri workers who have suffered serious injuries while on the job through the regular performance of their duties.

Tree care workers suffer high risk of on-the-job injury

In general, those who work in blue collar occupations are often considered to possess only average job skills. However, in many of these fields, workers must adapt to a variety of adverse conditions and have sufficient knowledge and experience with handling a variety of equipment in order to avoid the possibility of suffering a serious on\-the\-job injury. Countless laborers throughout Missouri provide a valuable service to consumers and the general public that may go unnoticed until a serious natural disaster occurs.

Family questions circumstances of fatal construction accident

Construction workers face a myriad of hazards in the normal course of their day. Though most employers and workers take proactive measures to protect against a serious construction accident, these tragic events still occur and can result in employees suffering devastating injuries or worse. There are many Missouri residents who have experienced these circumstances and have sought financial assistance through the state's workers' compensation program.

Woman creates app that can protect against work-related illness

Farmhands face many hazardous conditions, including those that are caused by extreme weather conditions. One of the more serious work-related illness problems that they face is caused by excessively high temperatures. One woman's recent creation may prove to be beneficial to agricultural employees here in Missouri.

Man critically injured at construction site accident

Construction workers face all manners of work environments and hazards in the normal course of their jobs. While the majority of incidents that can occur are minor in nature, there is always the danger of a serious construction site accident resulting in great physical harm. There are likely countless Missouri residents who have suffered a serious injury on the job through no fault of their own.

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