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Man dies of injuries suffered while on the job

Certain occupations carry a higher risk of serious injury due in part to the working environment. Those who are engaged in road repair and construction face both the elements and danger from motorists. There are many Missouri residents who have suffered serious injuries while simply carrying out the duties required for their jobs.

Recently, a long-time employee of a state's Department of Transportation was injured while working to repair potholes. He had been employed by the agency for an estimated 14 years, and was a confident and knowledgeable employee. Unfortunately, as he was engaged in his duties, an 83-year-old driver arrived upon the work site and reportedly was not paying close attention to his surroundings.

The motorist struck the worker, causing him to suffer critical head injuries. The victim was transported to a local hospital where the medical team worked to preserve his life. Sadly, the man's injuries were too severe, and he later died. Officials stated that the motorist was cited for engaging in reckless driving.

The man's supervisors praised his work ethic and expressed their deep sorrow over his passing. They also stressed the need for motorists to exercise extreme caution when driving past construction areas in order to protect the lives of workers. It is likely that the victim's surviving family may qualify for death benefits from Colorado's workers' compensation program. Missouri workers who suffer serious work injuries may also file claims for these benefits, which are meant to help provide monetary assistance while one is unable to work (or provide death benefits to surviving family members). In order to ensure that one receives all of the benefits to which one may be entitled, an injured worker may seek the assistance of an attorney who has successfully filed qualifying claims on a routine basis.

Source: cbslocal.com, "CDOT Worker Injured While On The Job Dies", Feb. 12, 2018

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