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July 2017 Archives

Workplace safety: Professionals attend trench safety course

Following up on our blog post about a fatal December trench collapse from Jan.4 ("OSHA says most trench collapse fatalities preventable"), utility crews, first responders and contractors flocked to attend a safety training course in Missouri on a recent Thursday. Approximately 100 professionals who have had enough of senseless deaths in trench collapses attended this workplace safety course to address the issue. A 30-year-old single parent of an 8-year-old boy died when an unprotected trench collapsed on him in December.

Man suffers injuries after construction site accident

Many of those who choose to work in the construction field have the satisfaction of seeing their labor come to fruition in the form of a completed building. However, there is also the risk of suffering serious injuries in the event of a construction site accident. Sadly, many Missouri workers have been a victim of a workplace accident through no fault of their own.

Inventor develops suit to help prevent industrial accident injury

Blue collar workers face any number of dangers during their work day. Those who work in factories may face a higher risk of injury from an industrial accident. Missouri has numerous factories that employ hundreds of workers who depend on these companies to provide for their families.

Workplace safety around electricity is vital

Employers in Missouri that have employees who work outdoors must provide proper safety training to make sure they are aware of the hazards posed by electricity. Workplace safety protocols are not only required indoors. Whether the workers are clearing up after storms, repairing a roof or digging a trench, electricity can cause fatal injuries.

Worker injury can happen in any industry in Missouri

Going to work every day is a necessary task for most people in Missouri and elsewhere. For some, that task is one that is relatively safe from physical injury, but for others who are in jobs that require them to put themselves at risk, just going to work can be a danger. Sometimes a worker injury occurs. That was the case in one industry that our readers may find interesting.

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