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Work accident: Truck falls from lift on repair shop worker

Missouri employees of vehicle repair shops have to face unique sets of dangers on a daily basis. A variety of life-threatening situations must be considered by employers, and known hazards must be addressed. Safety training must be provided to ensure that workers are aware of the potential dangers, and appropriate protection must be provided. Any work accident involving heavy trucks can have devastating consequences.

Heat illness may have been the cause of Missouri worker's death

Every summer, before the onset of extreme heat, employers are reminded about the dangers to which outdoor workers are exposed and the most appropriate steps to take to prevent heat illness. The precautions are not complicated, nor are they costly, and involve providing enough cold water and shade in which to take regular breaks from the direct heat of the sun. Yet, every year there are reports of workers nationwide, including in Missouri, succumbing to heat illness.

Workplace safety: Can zero injury goals be met?

Too many workers nationwide, including in Missouri, suffer the consequences of workplace accidents. How can this be stopped? Many companies include a zero-injury program in their mission statements, but is that goal even obtainable? Sooner or later somebody will suffer an injury, whether through a lack of training, ignorance, complacency or an unsafe work environment. However, while zero injuries may be unachievable, compliance with federal safety regulations will improve workplace safety.

Workplace accidents: Employer cited for failure to protect worker

Employers in Missouri have responsibilities to protect their workers against on-the-job injuries. Each industry has its own unique range of safety hazards that must be addressed. Failure to attend to known hazards can lead to fatal workplace accidents. Unfortunately, too many workers lose their lives in preventable accidents.

Preventable industrial accident claims life of 19-year-old worker

Workers in the wood manufacturing industry face unique safety hazards on a daily basis. This is also true for the employees of a company in Pierce City at which wood is processed by using different machines and equipment -- each presenting specific dangers. Employers must comply with the safety regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Non-compliance might have led to the death of a worker in an industrial accident at this Missouri facility.

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