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June 2016 Archives

Federal safety regulations: Protection against fire hazards

Workplace hazards are present in just about every workplace in Missouri. Employers are responsible for protecting their workers against all potential hazards. Federal safety regulations require company owners to provide personal protective equipment appropriate for each situation. Many lives have been lost in accidental fires that caught unprotected workers by surprise.

Workplace safety: Estimated 300 fatal ladder accidents per year

The University of Missouri reports that approximately 130,000 individuals suffer injuries in ladder-related incidents every year. Also, the number of fatalities in ladder falls are estimated to be 300 per year. Although proper workplace safety protocols make ladder-accidents preventable, these accidents are among the top 10 most cited Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations.

Workplace injury: 4 fingers amputated during machine maintenance

Company owners in Missouri and elsewhere must provide work environments free of safety hazards that can threaten their workers. Industrial workers are often exposed to machine hazards, and if precautions are not taken, severe workers' injuries can result. A power generating company in a neighboring state was recently cited for a workplace injury that led to an amputation.

Cancer-causing substances threaten lives of Alstom workers

Employers in Missouri and across the country who expose their workers to hazardous materials should consider alternatives that might have a less severe impact on the health of their employees. This was said by an Occupational Safety and Health area director in another state after an investigation at an Alstom facility. Investigators determined that workers were exposed to dangerous quantities of several cancer-causing substances.

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