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January 2016 Archives

OSHA cites manufacturer for disregarding workplace safety

While every manufacturing facility has unique safety hazards, some dangers are present on most industrial work sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations that must be followed to ensure workplace safety. Unfortunately, workers in Missouri and other states are often the victims of noncompliant company owners.

Did toxic mold cause this nurse's occupational disease?

Workers in different industries in Missouri are sometimes exposed to workplace environments in which health hazards exist. In some cases, employees suspect that something in their workplace may be the cause of their deteriorating health, but then struggle to get supervisors or company owners to investigate. A nurse in another state who had been caring for elderly residents of a nursing home for two years is convinced that she has an occupational disease but found that her employers lacked concern.

Workplace accidents: Collapsed wall kills 1, injures another

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires all construction company owners and contractors nationwide, including here in Missouri, to carry out proper site evaluations and address potentially dangerous areas prior to allowing construction activities to commence. Unfortunately, this requirement is often disregarded. Many preventable workplace accidents have claimed lives of workers and have left many families without a breadwinner.

On-the-job injuries prevalent in health care industry

Health care workers nationwide, including here in Missouri, have an ethical duty to care for patients and protect them from harm. In many cases, they disregard their own health and safety while caring for patients. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that, although the manufacturing and construction industries are known for being hazardous workplaces, the prevalence of workplace injuries in the health care industry causes more days off work than injuries in those other  environments.

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