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October 2015 Archives

Forklift accident: Operator backs up over unnoticed worker

Forklifts are known to be involved in a significant number of construction accidents in Missouri and also in other states. According to federal workplace safety regulations, employers must ensure that only qualified employees operate forklifts on construction sites. Furthermore, workers moving about at ground level in areas where heavy equipment is present must receive adequate training to prepare them for the hazards posed by the machines. A forklift accident recently caused critical injuries to a worker on a construction site in another state.

Glass factory worker suffers burn injuries in workplace accident

When a Missouri company has its own safety policies in place to protect workers from workplace injuries, it is certainly admirable. However, it is not so admirable if an employee suffers serious injuries in a workplace accident because the company fails to follow those policies. This is what Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors found when they investigated an incident in which a worker suffered third-degree burn wounds.

Work accident on Missouri dairy farm claims third life since 2012

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration believes that if business owners comply with its strict guidelines and safety regulations, most workplace accidents can be prevented. A spokesperson from OSHA said agricultural workers are typically exposed to work environments where multiple extremely dangerous hazards exist. This statement was made in the aftermath of an employee's death in a recent work accident on a Missouri dairy farm.

Despite warnings, employers lack heat illness prevention programs

Despite authorities issuing warnings about the dangers of heat illness and the importance for employers to establish effective management programs to prevent heat stress, instances of workers suffering this dangerous illness continue to occur nationwide. Not only must Missouri employers take the necessary steps to protect workers against excessive heat, but all employees must be informed of the symptoms of heat illness. Taking timely action upon the first signs of distress may save a life.

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