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September 2015 Archives

Tow truck driver killed in work accident on Interstate

Every industry has its unique safety hazards, and while some dangers are known and addressed to avoid workplace accidents, others are often not anticipated. A tragic work accident recently occurred in a state neighboring Missouri. It happened while a tow truck operator was attending to a vehicle that had broken down on Interstate 55.

Work accident: Harvest time poses confined space hazards on farms

Harvest season in Missouri is approaching rapidly, and with it comes many safety hazards for farm workers. A fatal work accident can rock a farming community, and some of the most ignored hazards on farms are confined spaces. There are no federal safety regulations related to confined space safety management on farms. Although the dangers are similar to those in other industries, the issue is often disregarded by farm owners.

Medical workers in Missouri are protected against work injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the numbers of work-related illnesses and injuries suffered by hospital workers are almost double the national average. Almost 50 percent of the 58,000 injuries suffered by hospital workers in 2013 resulted from overexertion. Missouri nurses and nursing assistants may, however, find comfort in knowing that Missouri state laws regulate hospital worker safety. The regulations require safety initiatives to be adopted by medical facilities, including the installation of lifting equipment and proper training in the use of the equipment.

OSHA investigating fatal accident on the job at tire company

All workers nationwide, including those in Missouri, have certain rights. One of them is the right to a safe workplace environment. Unfortunately, some company owners have little or no regard for the safety of their workers. It is not uncommon for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to report that a company under investigation after an accident on the job has a record of prior citations for safety violations.

1 Construction worker dies, 1 injured at U.S. Bank Stadium site

Extensive construction projects in Missouri and elsewhere that involve thousands of workers require careful planning and extensive hazard assessment. Approximately 1,200 workers who are part of the construction crew that is involved in building the U.S. Bank Stadium in another state were traumatized recently when a construction worker lost his life, and another one suffered serious injuries. The two workers were reportedly employed by a contractor who is in charge of the roofing in this project that exceeds $1 billion.

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