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June 2014 Archives

Crane accident claims the life of 16-year-old worker in Missouri

When Missouri students find holiday employment with construction companies, they may not be fully informed about the potential dangers the job may pose. While regular workers may be aware of the required safety procedures, inexperienced student workers’ lives may be in jeopardy on construction sites. A 16-year-old student recently lost his life in a crane accident at a Highway 272 construction site.

Worker suffers spine injury after 13-foot fall into trench

In a recent investigation by OSHA, the owners of a Missouri construction company were found to have allegedly endangered the lives of construction workers in their employ. Employers are obliged to maintain strict safety regulations as prescribed by OSHA. This includes the work environment at construction sites, along with job-related protection for each worker.The OSHA investigation followed an accident where a construction worker at a sewer installation suffered a spine injury.

Missouri teen dies in crane accident

A seemingly routine day at work turned into a deadly tragedy. A 16-year-old employee at a construction job site was tragically killed at work. The Missouri teen was reportedly involved in a crane accident after he was hit by a crane. Authorities do not plan on conducting a criminal investigation into the matter.

Missouri construction employers issued 11 citations

Safety violations can lead to work-related injuries. This is particularly true for employees who work in the construction field since they are already predisposed to dangers. A Missouri construction company was issued over $100,000 in work-related citations and fines from OSHA.

Missouri workplace safety stand-down

In 2012, approximately 300 employees in the construction industry died from falls. In fact, falls at the workplace are the primary cause of fatalities among industrial workers. The Obama administration announced that at least a million employees and over 20,000 companies in Missouri and throughout the United States will be taking part in workplace safety stand-downs.

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