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Man suffers on-the-job injury after fall from scaffold

Many people in Missouri may find their first day at a new job to be intimidating. For instance, some of their greatest worries may be fitting in with colleagues and being able to handle the job. However, in the construction or manufacturing fields, a common concern is staying safe in dangerous work conditions. This is particularly true for those who are new to the industry. One man recently suffered an on-the-job injury during his first day on a construction job site in another state.

Missouri Southwestern Bell sued regarding workplace injury

Southwestern Bell is faced with a lawsuit filed by OSHA. The lawsuit stems from allegations that the company retaliated against four employees who suffered workplace injury. The company’s spokesman for the region which includes Missouri claims that the employees were disciplined for not following safety regulations.

Construction worker falls to his death from 4 story building

Construction workers in Missouri likely expect their employers to provide a safe working environment. Due to the heights at which construction often takes place, accidents from falls are not uncommon. The media reports about construction worker deaths on a regular basis, and many of these accidents are the result of noncompliance with safety regulations.

Obesity in Missouri may fall under workers' compensation

When an employee is injured on the job, workers' compensation claims are often set in motion. In recent weeks, a federal district court in Missouri set the tone for more workers' compensation claims employees may be able to file. Obesity may now be considered a disability.

Missouri offers employees protection in workers' compensation

In some work places, employees are subject to injuries on the job. Some workers who are involved in a workplace accident sustain permanent injuries as a result of these events. When workers are injured on the job, they are generally entitled to receive workers' compensation, but some Missouri employers may have terminated workers out of retaliation. Now, if injured workers are terminated out of retaliation for workers' compensation claims, they only need to meet a certain burden of proof.

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