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February 2014 Archives

Scaffolding collapse causes 2 serious construction accidents

Sadly, a story about a pair of construction workers falling at least 30 feet to the ground often involves a fatality. So it with relief that we can report both victims of a scary construction accident from outside of Missouri are expected to survive. However, their injuries were described as serious. Both could be out of work for a long time because of this workplace accident.

Missouri Legislature considering workers' compensation database

People in Missouri who have a work injury in their past may find that future employers will know quite a bit about that incident, if some state politicians get their way. The state Senate has passed a bill that would require the creation of an online database of workers’ compensation claims. The database would be viewable for employers to look into a job applicant’s history of workers’ comp claims.

Scaffolding collapses, causing bridge worker to fall

Many jobs in Missouri require the worker to hang from a great height. Safety equipment to try to keep the vulnerable workers secure from a fall exists. But sometimes, the equipment fails, putting workers in construction and other fields in serious danger.

Railroad worker who lost leg in work accident awarded $12.5M

Working for a railroad company can be a good job, but it also carries certain risks of serious injury. Rail cars and locomotives are huge, and difficult to stop suddenly. Workers can suffer permanent disability if they are struck or run over, which is what happened to a Missouri man in 2012.

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