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January 2014 Archives

Vehicle was partially on employer's property, so workers' comp OKed

For people who work in a set location, like a factory or an office, an injury that can qualify the sufferer for workers’ compensation generally must take place at that workplace. This is the rule in Missouri and in most of the country. Injuries sustained during the commute to and from the job usually are not considered “work injuries” under workers’ compensation law.

Steel pipes land on worker, causing injuries to ribs, arm, eye

Carrying and loading heavy objects for a living can cause repetitive stress injuries to Kansas City residents over time. This kind of work can also cause sudden injury in an accident, such as what happened recently to a man in another state.

Construction worker shocked, burned by power line

A construction worker was taken to a Missouri hospital to recover after being shocked by a power line. The man was in serious condition after suffering cardiac arrest from the electric shock. An accident of this severity could lead to workers' compensation benefits becoming necessary.

More ex-Kansas City Chiefs join brain injury lawsuit against team

The number of former Kansas City Chiefs players who said the team withheld information about the consequences of brain trauma suffered in professional football has grown from five to 26 in recent weeks. Former defensive lineman Neil Smith is among the retired athletes who have joined a lawsuit against the Chiefs. The players say that they are living with brain injuries due to repeated concussions and other blows to the head.

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